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Mental Health Recovery Checklist


I have used this self-evaluation tool for my chemically dependent clients but it can be used to help anyone to evaluate their life, show how far they are into recovery for any issue and shows how to take care of themselves. I have added on new items.

During the times I lived my life in chaos, (we are talking many years), I was too busy "being chaotic" to remember to take care of myself and probably at the time didn't feel I was important enough to take care of myself. Being "sick" is a full-time job. Let's face it. I spent most of my time doing everything imaginable not to be abandoned, apologizing for my rages, and trying to put myself together enough to make it to work. 

The book Imbroglio: Rising to the Challenges of the Borderline Personality Disorder says "...the borderline appears always to function well, especially in professional or academic situations that are structured, supportive or both. Meanwhile she is binding her interior fragmentation with shoestrings, perhaps spending many, many hours crying hysterically or using self-destructive behaviors to cope."

Will you begin to recover? Of course you will! You will if you are dedicated to recovery and seek out both medical and counseling assistance.

I encourage you during your recovery process, to take this "test" at different intervals in your life

To help you evaluate your recovery needs and/or progress, please rate yourself in each area.

P. Fleener M.S.W.


Mood Swings Decline

Rages Decline

Depression Lifting

Chronic Anger Under Control

Rejection Sensitivity Improved

Suicidal feelings and threats under control

Making more stable decisions

Staying Abstinent from your addiction of choice (this could be a substance, a person, the computer, the tv. etc.).

Avoiding Drug Associates

Avoiding Places Where Drugs are Used

Avoiding Drug Paraphernalia

Abstaining From Alcohol

Abstaining From Any Drug Use

Being Open and Honest

Following Advice and Suggestions

Following Through With Referrals

Being On Time

Exercising, Recreation, Hobbies

Paying Bills on Time

Effectively Budgeting Finances

Feeling Better About Self

Taking Responsibility for Behavior

Getting Along With Family, Friends

Getting Along at Work

Being More Productive at Work

Structures Time

Managing Anger Effectively

Thinking Before Acting

Setting Goals

Staying out of crisis-oriented thinking and life style

Having Better Eating Habits

Having Better Sleeping Habits

Having Fun Without Drugs

Feeling Less Stressed

Developing Coping Skills

Developing Problem Solving Skills

Living in a Stable Environment

Securing Employment or Further Training and/or Education

Actively Working on Recovery

Seeing both a Dr. and a therapist.

Keeping all of your appointments

Avoiding toxic, triggering people

Avoiding negative self talk

Actively working on affirmations

Taking your medications on a timely basis

Committed to a Drug Free Life

Identifying Trigger Behaviors

Which of your accomplishments in recovery are you most proud of?

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