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Attention Deficit Disorder Bulletin Board


This bulletin board is provided only for people with the AD(H)D. It is an unmoderated board.

My hopes are you can find one another, feel less alone, discuss your joys, hardships, frustrations and your lives. I encourage everyone to exchange email addresses if you feel comfortable and you are free to quietly lurk on the board.  

Because the board is unmoderated, I hope that all can be courteous to one another, not flame each other and not use swear words. I know that swearing is a powerful way to release feelings but many people are offended by it.


Discussion of suicidal ideation is permitted as long as help is truly being sought from the group. Anyone who is at great risk for suicide should call 911 or their local crisis intervention group. This is not the group for them as the person needs a trained specialist. People who are feeling suicidal and/or are in crisis are welcome to check out the new " Mental Health Today Crisis Hotline" where you can call or write volunteers.

Any discussions of self-destructive behavior (for example: speeding, criminal behavior, shoplifting, eating disorders, etc.) are encouraged ONLY if the person is truly seeking the support and want to recover.


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