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Mental Health Articles

Abusive Relationships

Abusive Relationships and Toxic Guilt


Managing Anger


Understanding Anxiety

Understanding Anxiety 2

Finding the Answers in Managing Your Fears and Anxieties

Alzheimer's Disease

Facts about Alzheimer's Disease 

Chemical Dependency

Clinical Characteristics of Chemical Dependency

Child Abuse

Healing Child Abuse and Neglect


Codependency Issues for Family Members of Mental Illness


Crisis: How to Resolve Crises


Spirituality and Depression


EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)


Happiness is Within; Even with Mental Health Disorders


How to Make Your Own Genogram


  Lost a Loved One? - Poignant Prelude to Memorial Day

  Relationships, Marriage and Loss 


  Don't Mess with Stress - Highlights the Holidays

Having a Hard Time with Christmas?

How to Survive the Holidays


Millions Lack Justice without Judges and Lawyers Trained in Mental Illness Awareness


  Relationships, Marriage and Loss 

The Family Cycle (I) Euphoric and Dysphoric Phases in Marriage


Mental Health

Mental Health Disorders - Is there meaning in suffering?

Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Disorders and the Blame Game

Special Gifts for Mental Health Disorders

Mental Health Online

Online Self Help Groups

Mental Health System

America's Mental Health System "Beyond Repair" HealthDayNews

Victimization in the Mental Health Care System

Presidential Panel Finds US Mental Health System 'Dysfunctional'

The Impact of Mental Illness on Society


Into the Mind of the Resistive Patient

When Professionals Don't Help  

Personality Disorders

The Origins of Concept: Nature or Nurture
The author takes us through the historical quagmire of thinking about this matter. Is personality disorder a "forme-fruste" of mental illness, is it a deviation from the norm, and how constitutional is it?

Co-morbidity: Personality Disorder and Mental Illness: The Nature of Their Relationship
The literature suggests that co-morbidity is highly prevalent in persons with mental disorder. Clear and comprehensive diagnosis is crucial because of its relevance to treatment and outcome.

The Stigma of Dangerousness
Dangerousness is at the heart of the public's perception of some forms of mental illness. We must be wary of the risk of extending such perceptions through the invention of new stigmatizing categories of personality disorder.

Stigma and Quality of Life in Personality disorder - The Cassel/North Devon Study
The traditional medical approach to personality disorder is antiquated and generates prejudice and stigmatization. Psychodynamic and group understanding is essential for progress in this field.

Oscar Stigmatization of personality disorder:
Psychic dualism stigmatizes those with mental symptoms where no brain disease can be found. Such thinking is incompatible with recent knowledge concerning the interaction between experiential and organic factors in brain pathology.

Antibodies to Personality Disorder
The active and passive transfer of antibodies is used as a metaphor for the psychological development of the personality. Just as antibodies are transferred from the mother at birth and formed by an interaction of the internal and external worlds so the psychological development of the infant is influenced through a complex process of mother-infant interaction. The role of attachment, intersubjectivity and control of arousal are discussed in relation to the development of borderline personality disorder.

The Iron Mask: The Common Source of Personality Disorders

Understanding Primary Personality Disorder

Self Actualization

How to Find Your Real Self

Glimpsing Your Personal Heaven

The Top Ten Tips for Great Sex  

How to Develop a Winning Attitude

Happiness is Within You

Top Ten Ways to Triumph During Transitions

Ten Terrific Self-Motivating Tips

Sexual Abuse

The Offspring of Aeolus: On the Incest Taboo

Sleep Disorders

Understanding Sleep Disorder

Social Security

Waiting for Social Security Disability:  Survival Skills

Social Security: How to Prove You Are Disabled When You Have a Mental Illness


Mental Health Disorders and Spirituality

Spirituality and Depression


The Right to Suicide - or the "NON Right"

Therapeutic Learning

The Drama Triangle

Emotional Memory Management: Positive Control Over Your Memory" (includes post traumatic memories,  PTSD)

Understanding Problem Solving

Understanding Assertiveness

Understanding Responsibility


Cognitive Therapy - Affirmations


Top Ten Ways to Triumph During Transitions


Management of Serious Mental Illness 

MH Today Attention Deficit Bipolar Borderline Personality Depression
Gender Identity Narcissistic Personality PTSD Schizophrenia Suicide

Visit Mental Health Matters for information and articles. Get help to find a therapist or list your practice; and Psych Forums for message boards on a variety of MH topics.


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