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Into the Mind of the Resistive Patient

by Kathi Stringer

Help me when I deserve it the least... 

Helpful note from a resistive patient: Help me when I deserve it the least. Help me in the face of my rage. It is easy to help me when I am the well behaved, the good-natured patient, but anyone without skill can treat me well when I am this way. I need your skills, your help when I am at my worst so that I can understand and identify something better than myself. You may have to show me over and over again that I have value and that my rage will not destroy you, because I learn these things slowly and my old ways are everywhere I look, they are in my thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings feel like they will destroy me so I put them in you, because I hope you are stronger then I am. So please donít be angry with me for putting these terrible feelings into you, and I hope that maybe you can do something with them because I donít know how or I need you to show me how with your actions so that I can identify with you. I try to understand your words but sometimes your words canít reach me because my emotions are asleep when you are talking but when my emotions are awake and disturb me, they are working in partnership with you, even if just a little. So thank you for accepting and holding these terrible parts of myself and then letting me take them back after you have made them softer, easier to tolerate. Thank you for helping me when I least deserve it.


This material incorporates object relations theory of the "container and the contained" and the "three levers of projective identification" to provide insight to help modify the closed internal objects of the client...i.e...take someone thing bad and exchange it for something better provided by the treater. 


Compliments of Kathi Stringer
Kathi's Mental Health Review

Kathi says "I am handing out the following material in mass printing to professionals and treaters. The feedback has been very positive. Professionals are responding to this cry for help by repositioning their understanding in a more helpful way. This is a message from the resistive patient or the resistive child. If you feel this message can help you, or someone you know, please share it with them.

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