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Seven Ways to Tune Up Your Life

by Kathy Gates

1. Finish what you started -- that pile that needs tossing, your income tax, painting the bedroom. Pick one, finish it; pick another, finish it.

2. Set goals for each day. Have a plan. What time you get up, where you go, what you do. You've got 24 hours. Schedule it. Protect it. Commit to some particular goals for that day and say No to all other distractions.

3. Organize your day. Watch for distractions. I love to write, but I love to do so many other interesting things too - read a good book, work in the garden, talk to my friends, play with the kids. But it's important to stay focused on what's most important at any particular time.

4. Take charge of your time. Time is the great equalizer. No matter how smart, how young, how pretty, how rich, every person has only 24 hours a day to use to his advantage. Consciously choose what time you get up, how far you drive to work. Choose what time you go to bed, how you spend your mornings, how you spend your evenings.

5. Practice maintenance on your life. Regularly check for problems and see what needs to be tended to BEFORE it becomes a big problem.

6. Be consistent. Break the goal down into 15 minute tasks. For example, if your closet has clothes from 1987 in it, just spend 15 minutes a day (schedule it!) going through it until it's organized. At the end of the month, you'll have created 7-1/2 hours of work - one whole *free* Saturday!

7. Stop Worrying, Start Doing. Choose to make better choices. You are currently choosing to worry for days (months?) about a job that would take you only a few hours. You are capable of choosing better. Choose to take action, or delegate the action to someone else.


Professional Life Coach Kathy Gates is the author of several e-books and e-courses designed to help people live happier, healthier, easier lives. Sign up for her ezine, "Make It Happen" at www.reallifecoach.com.

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