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Bipolar Disorder
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Shopping and the Bipolar Disorder

Something funny but not-

I had always read through the DSM about bipolar disorder and laughed at the shopping part. It's true I have never had that problem, UNTIL this month!!!! 

I not only went shopping EVERY DAY! I had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!! When I woke up I could hardly wait to shop. After all, I am in my own special place now and I want to get nice pretty things for it. 

Well, my bank account did not stand for it and I wound up taking most of the stuff back to the store. I thought this was strange since I hadn't done this before. I will say this. Those of us with bipolar disorder have a heck of a lot of fun when we experience hypomania. I always say "but I'm having SO MUCH FUN!"

However I avoid it at all costs now because I have bipolar I and hypomania can lead to full blown mania and that is not a good experience. The worst episode I had was when my brain worked so fast I thought I was losing my mind. Other episodes have included knocking objects over and I have broken a few household things. Other people are afraid of me during that time so it is extremely hard on families and friends. 

I've discussed this before. If you are a family member and your loved one is that out of control, call 911 if they are breaking things. If they break one thing and they look as if they are calming down, work with them. You'll know.

It's a good idea to have this figured out ahead of time with your loved one on what to do during a manic episode. 

I am usually the last person to know if I am manic or hypomanic. I usually get feedback from others. 

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