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Bipolar Disorder
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Stigma We Face

Now some of this stuff I refer you to is written for "clinicians," which has always kind of offended me. For those of us with the bipolar disorder I do know about our creativity - it's off the chart! We are not dummies here! Many of us are TIRED of being treated like dummies by our Drs. and Nurse Practitioners. We do not want to be talked down to. We are tired of being stigmatized and we want to be treated for who we are and that is a human being just like everyone else. 

The only difference between you and your Dr. at your appointment for example, is your disorder is known where his or hers is not! We all have something! Don't ever let anyone mistreat you or put you down due to having a mental health disorder. It only shows ignorance on their part. It is up to us to begin to change this by not allowing this treatment. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have felt stigmatized, talked down to, even though I know the lingo and have my MSW - I still have mental health disorders (shhhh!!!! - don't piss Patty off or she might rage cause it says right here on the paper that she has bipolar I). 

Many of us are much more educated than the clinicians that are treating us about our disorders and even about treatment. Many of us have to fight through thick egos to educate these people. 

I always tell people if you want someone who knows how to treat your disorder you should be willing to travel if necessary and you might have to cut corners for some time to save some money out of pocket at least for the first two or three appointments. 

Another option is to go to your local university in the psych department. Usually they are more updated on mental health disorders and treatment even if you have to be put on a waiting list.

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