Q. I am a 42 year old man that has been misdiagnosed now for years. I finally was told I was bipolar disorder. I however have many many other things that need some answers. I have been through more than most humans have been asked to endure. I have been physically brutalized and abused by parents and older brothers (to include run over by a car and thrown off a 2 story roof). I have been beaten dear to death in a robbery and been involved in several war time situations in our countries service and I was sent to Chad and was there during their civil war. Seen too much and experienced too much.

The ? is, now that I am on treatment for bipolar disorder (prozac lithium) will I be needing anything else for post traumatic stress disorder? Also, my wife says that I cycle 4-5 times a month, should I be on lithium? Is that the drug of choice for someone who cycles so frequently?

With all the things I have been through, I feel as though I could be someone's complete Thesis. I am working approximately 60hrs a week and haven't got much time for group or one on one. I did 3 years in a men's group in CO called AMEND. What would you suggest I look into?

  A. There is quite a bit going on in your case. While it is unusual to have two psychiatric illnesses at once arising form different causes, you very well may be both bipolar and post traumatic stress disorder. If you have service connected illness, go to the VA for a complete psychiatric evaluation. If private insurance, try a University-based teaching hospital program that has a good manic depressive group. I cannot tell what you need, but it sounds as if you are having problems, and need something more than what you have since you are still cycling so many times every month.