bipolar disorder, Dr. Paul Markovitz  Q. My psychiatrist isn't sure what I have. He says it looks like BP 2 (I have all the symptoms) but at the same time it could be Post Trauma Disorder. I am being treated for BP2 right now and am on 300mg of Serzone and 900mg Neurontin. He gave me permission to increase or decrease. Recently at my last visit he asked me if I thought I'd ever get off my meds. Then he asked me if I thought I'd get over whatever I have (with no name). I said yes. However, I heard that BP2 isn't curable. Wouldn't the symptoms give it away as well as the treatment working to indicate what it was? I have taken massive advances that have shocked both therapist and psychiatrist. If Bipolar 2 isn't curable and these advances keep going what are some ideas of what is going on?

  A. . I am not sure what you mean by advances. In either case, BP II is not curable. If you are using Serzone, and if it works (which it does in many cases of BP II, BPD, and PTSD) you really need to be on 500-600 mg at bedtime. The Neurontin is good for the BPII and anxiety, and you may be able to slowly taper off the Neurontin over time if the Serzone works. But, you must stay on the Serzone.