bipolar disorder, Dr. Paul Markovitz  Q. I was recently diagnosed being bipolar. I am right now faced with quitting breastfeeding and taking medications. It is very important to me that I breastfeed for my son and I. I feel there is not enough research done and doctors don't know a lot about breastfeeding and medications women can take. My doctor says that I will be faced with stopping the breastfeeding. Is there any medication or alternative medicines I can take and still breastfeed?

  A. As far as bipolar meds compatible with breast feeding, I am not aware of any studies showing safety or anything. If you "have to" breast feed, you are not doing the right thing. If you get manic or depressed, you will have the ability to breast feed removed as an option if you are hospitalized. More importantly, your child will lose his mother for a period of time if she is hospitalized. He will also lose mother's attention if she is mentally impaired. Breast feeding is mostly good for bonding, and it sounds as if you are already bonded. While I understand the significance nursing has for you, I believe you are making a mistake by threatening your own health, which will in turn compromised your child's well-being. Follow your doctor's advice.