bipolar disorder, Dr. Paul Markovitz  Q. I have been told that I'm both bipolar and depressed. I am currently on Lamictal and Wellbutrin. I apologize for not having my doses, but I take 1 1/2 Lamictal pills per day (the small ones) and 2 Wellbutrin per day (1 in the morning, 1 at night).

I used to take Zyprexa (instead of Lamictal) for mood stabilization, but stopped because of the weight gain. Otherwise Zyprexa was a WONDERFUL mood stabilizer.

Currently, I have absolutely no symptoms of depression. I do, however, feel anxious (home and work) and unfocused at work. Further, I think that I feel almost too happy sometimes.

Is there something you can recommend that may alleviate the anxious and unfocused feelings? I'm particularly concerned about feeling unfocused and unproductive at work. Perhaps increasing one drug, decreasing the other? I will be discussing all these issues with my doctor at my next visit but would appreciate your insight.

  A. Pfizer has recently released a new antipsychotic medication that works similarly to Zyprexa called Geodon. Unlike Zyprexa, there is little to no weight gain with Geodon. Geodon also is not very sedating nor does it decrease mental acuity. It may be worth asking your doctor about it. Preliminary trials suggest it is effective in manic depression, too.