Q. I have just come out (of what seems like a long time) my shell. I went into a depression approximately 7 years ago. I was hospitalized due to an attempted suicide and other such problems (I just wanted some attention from my estranged husband at the time).

It has taken me all this time to come to the point where I am now. I have lost 45 lbs. and feel like I am on top of the world. I went to my Dr. and told him that I was scared I was feeling "too happy"? I felt that this was wrong and that I shouldn't be feeling this way as something was bound to bring me down!

I asked him if there was someone I could go and speak to (one on one) or if there were any groups around that I could go to and discuss my feelings as I mentioned that I definitely didn't want to be in that hopeless position ever again.

I went to a meeting and the person there did a history on me and then came up with a "possible" bipolar diagnosis? I wasn't too happy about this due to the fact that all I had done was mention that I thought my sister had manic tendencies/symptoms.

Maybe I should have let well enough alone. I know that deep down inside there is a lot of "junk" stored up that needs to come out. I'm the sort of person that keeps things stored up inside due to the fact that there is no one person I can tell all to, but to be diagnosed like that seems a bit harsh.

It's funny because when I ended up depressed like I was, I had no idea how I got there and still don't quite know to this day. Although at that time, alcohol played a big part. If there is anything you can offer it would be helpful.


  A. If you are sleeping okay, eating appropriately, and working, it is not likely you are manic. Best suggestion I have for you is to go to see a therapist on your own. You might just feel great because you are not depressed for the first time in many years, and are feeling what most other folks would call normal. A good therapist can help process the junk inside as well as to keep tabs on your mood.