Q. My almost 20yr. old son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder last week and is taking 750 mg Depakote and 5 mg Zyprexa. He has just completed his first year at an art college with a 3.0 average, loves his course of study, has always been very creative, is looking forward to his sophomore year, and has been highly praised by his art teachers. His paternal grandmother and great-grandmother would probably have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder if they had sought treatment. 

My question is, what role, if any, do you feel diet can have in helping to control this illness, along with medication? I have read a few books on controlling depression through diet (Potatoes, Not Prozac and Natural Prozac) and wonder if similar dietary changes might be helpful with BP as well.


  A. The dietary stuff in the books is pure garbage. It does not work, and there is no data to support it. It is a sin that people can publish such scurrilous garbage. Dietary changes will not work. Period.