Q. I am the mother of four sons, two of whom have bipolar disorder. One of my sons has for the past few months, been in some kind of relapse that involves being very delusional. This week, Jaime, his younger brother, his therapist, and I will be having a joint meeting. I keep hoping that something that is said at this meeting will reach him. Here is my question:

What is the best way to communicate with someone who is delusional and who also "lacks insight" about his situation?

Also, is there any literature which deals specifically on this topic? I did take the 12-week course taught by NAMI, and I will be utilizing some of the suggestions I found there. Just trying to get more ideas.


  A. . I do not know of any way to get through to a delusional person. Since they do have impaired thinking, keep your answers short, concrete, and to the point. If anything will get through, this has the best chance.