Q. Why do I have bipolar disorder even though it is genetic? I got it from brain damage from the doctor not noticing that I couldn't breath and I lost some brain cells before he helped me. I just want to know how could I have bipolar disorder from burnt cells? I am fine and now I don't take meds and I am 17 and in control. I am even going to be a vet. I missed out so much of my childhood and never got answers as to why do I have to be like this with days were I shake or am very tired. When I was in elementary they thought I had attention deficit disorder and gave me lots of Ritalin and Prozac, then Depakote in large dosages. The Ritalin made me go through toxic shock, I call it the walking coma. and other meds--------The doctor said I was a miracle for the way I changed when I got off meds, but I still weigh around 300 or 290. I work hard all day trying to lose the weight. I don't even think I even needed the meds. I think it was the mixed meds effects working off each other. What do you think? I need to know it there are effects when people lose brain cells. 

Like will my brain correct it's self or will I end up using other parts of my brain resulting in shaking or speech problems? Some times my speech gets all slurred together. Are their health problems? When I was younger in Junior High they hospitalized me to try different meds on me in the hospital after the Ritalin . I know some people try to help, but are we lab rats that people are trying to normalize it hurts to feel so old when I am so young please give me some answers?


  A. If you have bipolar disease, it is permanent, and never goes away. It is not caused from brain damage, otherwise you would be manic or slurring your speech 100% of the time. Why your medications did not work, I cannot say. Actually, I cannot even tell if you have bipolar or some other psychiatric illness. There are a number of other illnesses that can look like bipolar.

Weight gain is usually a symptom of the illness, albeit Depakote can cause many folks to gain weight, too. If all is well, that is fine. Unfortunately, many bipolars think everything is great, when in reality it is terrible. Their mania keeps them from seeing reality as the rest of the world sees it. If your life is perfect, stay on that path. If not, you may want to get a second opinion about your illness.