Q. I have severe manic depression. I am currently taking 1600 mg of Neurontin, 4 mg Klonopin,40 mg porzac,200 mg Tegretol, and 200 mg Seroquel.....I still am having severe mania, insomnia, psychosis, memory loss, compulsive behavior, and suicidal depressions.

What is wrong with me????? I currently am taking a lot of aspirin for the headaches and I seem to have bad coordination as well.....I am paying cash for all these meds and my doctor visits.....but what is the point?


  A. You may wish to talk this over with your current doctor. If he or she is out of ideas, you should think about getting a second opinion. One thing to note, the Tegretol will cause all of your other medications to be broken down in the body more quickly. So, as much as you are currently taking, it is not as much as it seems. Whether you are bipolar or borderline is not clear because of the obsessive behavior, and I do not even want to venture a guess since I do not have enough data. Talk to your doctor first, and then think about a second opinion.