Q. What is normal? I have been in a major depressive slump for two weeks, and have contacted a therapist who discussed manic depression with me. I was told I was Manic Depressive ten years ago, but I moved states and never took drugs. I am scared of the medication. Now, I feel up, down, upset, way too angry etc... several times a day and feel something is major wrong. Could untreated manic depression get worse over time? How do I know I am not just "spirited" as my mom used to say? Please give me some advice of any sort.


  A. . If you are clinically depressed you have a biological illness. Period.

If you are opposed to medications, I cannot help you. Most bipolars are not aware they are manic, and only seek help when they are depressed. Sounds like the case here, since you are depressed. Bipolars tend to have more and more depressions lasting longer and longer with time. Often, there are no more manias, just depressions. Whether medications decrease episodes is unclear, but some data suggests successful medication reduces the return of the illness. Your choice. Talk to a psychiatrist that does manic depressive work and listen to your options. The more chances you give yourself to get well, the better off you are.