Q. About ten years ago I was using speed for a year straight. When I stopped, I started getting seizures and I was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder .It does run on my father's side. Anyways I recently found out that I do not have true seizures. I believe they are called false seizures. I was told people who have been abused or molested some times have them. I was molested when I was younger. thru I must have booked it out because I started having flash backs around the same time as I got the seizures and bi-polar.


  A. Whether you were or were not molested, it is probably not the cause of the seizures. I think (and pray) that this ridiculous theory died out years ago. Pseudoseizures (the medical name for your false seizures) are invariably related to other psychiatric problems. Get a psychiatric evaluation, see what else is going on, and get treated. Hopefully, the pseudoseizures and other problems will all go away.