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Call me Anna,Patty Duke Call me Anna by Patty Duke (Very good book describing her life as she dealt with the bipolar disorder). "Patty Duke open's her life, to help others with "Call Me Anna". Patty Duke helps anyone suffering from Manic Depression in "Call Me Anna." The first time I thought something was wrong with Patty is when she won a award for a TV movie. She looked drunk, or high on something. Patty explains this turning point in her life. She starts with her childhood, and becoming the youngest Oscar winning actress for "The Miracle Worker." Patty also writes about "The Patty Duke Show," and "The Valley of the Dolls." This movie turned out to be a cult classic. Everyone was ashamed of the movie when it came out, and the cast and crew first saw the film while on this special Cruise. The voices were not running with the film correct, and it made the movie that much worse. Patty writes about working with Judy Garland, and how she tried to help this legend make it through the film, but was fired for having drugs .Patty writes about Lucy Ball, and how she hated her for dating Desi. There's a great part about Frank Sinatra, and how he tried to save Patty. This book has a happy ending. Patty Duke comes out a winner. I read this book flying out to Vegas. I couldn't put it down. You will not be disappointed reading "Call Me Anna."

The New View of Self: How Genes and Neurotransmitters Shape Your Mind, Your Personality, and Your Mental Health,Larry J. Siever, M.D., William FruchThe New View of Self: How Genes and Neurotransmitters Shape Your Mind, Your Personality, and Your Mental Health by Larry J. Siever, M.D., with William Fruch (Wonderful book describing the malfunctions of the brain in regard to depression, personality disorder, obsessive -compulsive disorders, schizophrenia, etc. You will learn as you read this book, why medications are necessary along with therapy. The book is written for the lay person as well as other professionals. I do caution that the book is very scientific if you are a lay person. I understood approximately 50% of the book, but that 50% was well worth reading. Recently published and appears up-to-date on the latest research. I highly recommend this book for those who want to truly understand their illness).

The Good News About Depression,Mark S. GoldThe Good News About Depression by Mark S. Gold (I read this book several years back and I learned some excellent information about depression). "Anyone with a history of depression or anyone you know and care about should have the opportunity to read this book. Most of the psychiatrists and analysts in this country are not up on the latest medications available. Psychiatry is on the edge of a new frontier in the diagnosis and care of mental illness. Mental illness is a physical illness caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. It is a disease in the same way that diabetes is a disease, so no one should feel embarrassed about it and no one should be so prideful as to not seek out the best care available. Depression can be treated with new "wonder" drugs. I know because I suffered a lifetime of depression for lack of proper diagnosis and treatment. My treatment with the proper drugs administered by a COMPETENT (very important) psychiatrist has changed my whole life to a life that has not been as pleasant since I was a child ( I'm 55). This book explains how to go about getting a modern diagnosis. 

Bipolar Disorders:  Clinical Course and Outcome which is edited,Joseph F. Goldberg., M.D., Martin Harrow, Ph.D. Bipolar Disorders:  Clinical Course and Outcome which is edited by Joseph F. Goldberg., M.D., and Martin Harrow, Ph.D. (Very comprehensive book about the bipolar disorder. The book takes clinical research and incorporates this information into "practical information  on the prognosis, course, and potential complications of bipolar disorders in the modern era. I not only recommend this book for clinicians but lay people as well as it is very informative)."


Practice Guideline For Treatment of Patients with Bipolar Disorder
from the American Psychiatric Association. (Excellent patient care strategies in treating people with the bipolar disorder. Discusses medications, facts about BP and  treatment models. I recommend this book also to those who are suffering from the BP and their families).

Dysinhibition Syndrome:  How to Handle Anger and Rage in Your Child or Spouse by Rose Wood (I strongly recommend this book for any family member who is suffering from anger and rage from their loved one. It discusses in great detail how to manage this behavior in yourself and in treatment for the other person. There are not many books written for people that suffer this kind of "intermittent explosive disorder" and this book will help guide you). "The ideas and techniques in this book have helped me and many other families learn to cope with the disinhibited behaviors of neurologically impaired family members. I only wish I had this book 10 years ago. I highly recommend it."

Feeling Good:  The New Mood Therapy,David Burns, M.D.Feeling Good:  The New Mood Therapy by David Burns, M.D. (Excellent book teaching cognitive therapy skills to those dealing with depression and anxiety). "Cognitive of the few that works. And not just for depression. I find that the critical thinking skills taught in this book can be helpful for nearly everyone. After doing cognitive therapy for depression, I realized that even people who are not considered 'depressed' often make painful mistakes in logic which can lead to all sorts of possibility being depression. Yes, it may be a chemical disorder (I find Dr. Burns to be very objective in stating that ALL the evidence just isn't in yet) but is it going to do any good to tell someone with this disorder that it's all chemical and not in their power to control? I don't advocate blaming the patient for his/her problem, but people need to start taking as much responsibility as they can for the way they feel. This book can help you do that, even if you still depend on medication. I found that I did not need to take anti-depressants by using the techniques of cognitive therapy. I love logic, I love rational thinking, and I love feeling like I have control over my life and the way I feel. I do not want to surrender this freedom to drugs, or to thinking that my mind is just a bowlful of chemicals that I cannot control. Also, I find it a nice change compared to modes of therapy that dredge into your childhood and personal life to find someone else to blame. Sorry, but I don't feel like lying on a couch so some neo-Freud can get off on all the dirty little details of my sex life and potty training...for months or years. Cognitive therapy can work swiftly, and by spending 7 bucks on this book, you can avoid lining a scam artist's pocket with thousands of your dollars. Dr. Burns may be mushy at times, but I believe he is sincere in his mushiness...and putting up with it is a small price for learning a technique that can make your life better."


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