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Bipolar Disorder Instant Messenger List

(ICQ, AOL or Yahoo Instant Messenger)

Feel free to contact anyone on this list. This list is only for people who have the bipolar disorder.

If you would like your ICQ # or AOL Instant Messenger on this list, send the following.

  1. Your ICQ # or Instant Messenger Nickname

  2. Your name or nickname (only if you want)

  3. Year of birth

  4. Your gender (male or female)

  5. Your interests (only if you want)

. Let me know which you are using - AOL or ICQ. Do let us know if you find any #'s that are no longer used.

For instructions on how to download and use ICQ, you can go to this site or do a search for "ICQ." Go to for AOL Instant Messenger.

Birth Year (1982-1988)


Hello my name is Vince. 
My ICQ number is 53109540. 
I'm a boy from USA and I speak Yiddish, Yoruba and Bhojpuri.
Nickname: NeoSnakeZ })FA({
Birth Date: 4-feb-1985
Languages: Yiddish, Yoruba, Bhojpuri

Hello my name is walfred. 
My ICQ number is 141449750. 
I'm a guy from Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil and I speak English and Portuguese.
Nickname: wal
Birth Date: 3-apr-1982
Languages: English, Portuguese 


Hello my name is Gisele. 
My ICQ number is 93693048. 
I'm a girl from Australia and I am interested in Angelina Jolie, Choreography and Dreams. 
I speak English, Italian and Malay.
Nickname: Selene
Birth Date: 5-sep-1983
Languages: English, Italian, Malay

Hello my name is Starry. 
My ICQ number is 17212775. 
I'm a girl from Tallmadge, oh, Yugoslavia
I am interested in Poker, Techno and Religious Education.
Nickname: PixiRiot**
Birth Date: 21-oct-1984

Hello my name is kristin. 
my ICQ number is 62814391.
I'm a 19 year old girl from Bloomington, in, USA
Nickname: kris

Hello my name is Mel. 
My ICQ number is 2630519. 
I'm a girl from Central Coast, Nsw, Australia and I work in Retail. 
I am interested in Mythology, Ghosts and Writing.
Birth Date: 16-feb-1983

Birth Year (1972-1981)

Gender Not Specified

Hello my name is sid. 
I'm 30 years old
my ICQ number is 736115.
Nickname: gox][xip


my ICQ nr: 154575992
My nickname: Im_Bart_29
Year of birth: 1972
Gender: Male
Interests: Motorcycles, music, games, i really like to chat. 

name: Gonzalo
icq # 152508379
nickname: guampapipo
Birth Date: 30-oct-30-1977
interest: music, arts, martial arts, teather and movies

Hello my name is Brian. 
My ICQ number is 76403727. 
I'm a guy from USA 
I am interested in Taoism, Sculpting and Bipolar Disorder. 
I speak English and French.
Nickname: Modeus53b
Birth Date: 25-aug-1980
Languages: English, French

Hello my name is Michael. 
I'm a guy from Ca, USA 
ICQ number is 62538323.
Nickname: Sidewinder
Birth Date: 8-aug-1976

Hello my name is Andrew L. 
My ICQ number is 117194815. 
I'm a 24 year old guy from USA
I am interested in stay at home dad, Targeting and Online Games.
Nickname: labrat

Hello my name is Robert. 
My ICQ number is 22589436. 
I'm a guy from mi, USA and I work in Manufacturing. 
I am interested in Divorced Parents, Ball Games and Social science.
Nickname: TheWeasel
Birth Date: 17-apr-1972

Hello my name is ice bucket. 
I'm a 26 year old guy from Toronto, Ont, Canada 
my ICQ number is 61241386.
Nickname: ice

Hello my name is fernando. 
I'm a 28 year old guy from Rosario, Argentina 
my ICQ number is 69993441.
Nickname: fer440

Hello my name is Chris. 
I'm a 21 year old guy from Calgary, Canada 
my ICQ number is 21376400. 
Nickname: Kip


I am interested in all kinds of stuff.
My AOL user: brooke1277
I'm using ICQ and I'm new to all this and need someone to talk to.
My icq number is 170451787
Name: Venessa
Female 21 years old
Many many interests!

Hi, my name is Fabrice,
my ICQ number is 106291065
I'm a man living in Belgium.
Nickname: Nepho
Birth Date 17-jan-1972
Languages: French, English

Hello my name is Kathy. 
My ICQ number is 118669666. 
I'm a girl from Ottawa, Ont, Canada 
I am interested in Pets and Animals, Fitness and Music. 
I speak English and Spanish.
Birth Date: 9-may-1977
Languages: English, Spanish

Hello my name is Cassandra. 
I'm a 22 year old girl 
my ICQ number is 67653046.
Nickname: Glam Girl

Hello my name is suzy. 
I'm a girl from NV, USA 
my ICQ number is 111690822.
Nickname: tigger
Birth Date: 30-oct-1980

Hello my name is Laura .. 
My ICQ number is 650094. 
I'm a woman from Oklahoma City, OK, USA 
I am interested in Health Issues, Infertility and Archaeology.
Nickname: Alexandria
Birth Date: 5-may-1972

Hello my name is Liss.. 
My ICQ number is 10181707. 
I'm a woman from Cantley, PQ, Canada 
my interests are Mania and Mania. 
My occupation is Medical/Health and I speak English and French.
Nickname: Angelina
Birth Date: 7-may-1976
Languages: English, French

Hello my name is Angela. 
My ICQ number is 32453656. 
I'm a girl from USA and I am interested in Body Art, Aerobics and Vampires.
Nickname: Elise
Birth Date: 27-jan-1978

Hello my name is shelley. 
My ICQ number is 40789002. 
I am a 29 woman from Lake City, fl, USA
I'm interested in Computers, Parenting and Pets and Animals. 
I'm a Professional.
Nickname: shell
Birth Date: 13-aug-1973

Hello my name is Joy ask me later. 
My ICQ number is 60438609. 
I'm a woman from the South, USA and I am interested in Collecting, Home and Garden and Tigers.
Nickname: Joy27Mari
Birth Date: 24-oct-1972

Hello my name is Rebecca. 
my ICQ number is 1099494.
I'm a girl from Oklahoma City, Ok, USA
Birth Date: 7-feb-1980

Hello my name is Meredith. 
My ICQ number is 13589128. 
I'm a girl from Fairfax County, VA, USA 
I am interested in k.d. lang, Tattoos and Cats. 
I speak English and French.
Nickname: Etoile
Birth Date: 18-jan-1981
Languages: English, French

Hello my name is Tatyana. 
My ICQ number is 26095078. 
I'm a woman from Nyc, NY, USA 
Nickname: Elise33
Birth Date: 27-nov-1976
Languages: Russian, English

Hello my name is Cheryl. 
My ICQ number is 54466606. 
I'm a girl from Boise, ID, USA 
I am interested in Photography, Hiking and Movies.
Nickname: CKAnn
Birth Date: 22-may-1978

Hello my name is sMoOcHiEs. 
my ICQ number is 18896920.
I'm a woman from Toronto, ON, Canada
Birth Date: 7-aug-1972

Hello my name is Kristall. 
My ICQ number is 32707194. 
I'm a woman from Parkersburg, wv, USA 
I am interested in Cult and Classic, Pagan and Ghosts.
Nickname: lillith
Birth Date: 25-feb-1973

Birth Year (1962-1971)

Gender Not Specified

Hello my name is David. 
my ICQ number is 57222089.
Birth Date: 15-dec-1971

Hello my name is kim. 
My ICQ number is 56107421
Nickname: justkim
Birth Date: 30-nov-1967

Hello my name is Shannon. 
My ICQ number is 54708535. 
I am from Worcester, USA.
Nickname: Shannon
Birth Date: 28-sep-1970
Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish


Hello my name is Bryan.
My ICQ number is 313151482.
I am from California, USA.
Nickname: Willcyouatthetop
Birth Date: 1-Sep-1968

Hello my name is Dwain.
My ICQ number is 43543730.
I am a man living in Boise, Idaho, USA.
My interests are Photography, Computers, Camping, and Fishing.
Nickname: Fenrir
Birthdate: 19-oct-1967

Hello my name is Joseph. 
My ICQ number is 52442877. 
I'm a man from Chicago, USA 
Nickname: JOE
Birth Date: 12-dec-1970
Languages: English, Spanish

Hello my name is Joe. 
My ICQ number is 57858897. 
I'm a man from Tucson, Az, USA 
I am interested in Novels, Martial Arts and Biomedical Engineering.
Nickname: Lonewolf71
Birth Date: 28-jan-1971
Languages: English, Spanish, Polish

Hello my name is Gary. 
My ICQ number is 9316705. 
I'm a man from AB, Canada 
I am interested in Photography, Poetry and Kayaking. 
I work in Web Building.
Birth Date: 25-apr-1971

Hello my name is Michae. 
My ICQ number is 18431110. 
I'm a man from Canton, OH, USA and I work in Computers. 
My interests are Chevrolet and Game Development.
Nickname: PrOzAc! -DMU-
Birth Date: 13-nov-1964

Hello my name is Rick. 
My ICQ number is 17655075. 
I'm a man from San Antonio, Tx., USA
I am interested in Relationships, Spirituality and Dreams.
Nickname: Tymatheon
Birth Date: 28-jan-1963
Languages: English, Spanish, Hebrew


Hello my name is Ami.  
my ICQ number is 102444335.
I'm a woman from USA 
Nickname: Bubbles
Birth Date: 28-may-1969

Hello my name is Barb. 
my ICQ number is 49931615.
I'm a woman from USA 
Nickname: Barb/KC T9C
Birth Date: 22-jun-1969

Hello my name is Julie. 
my ICQ number is 126250841.
I'm a woman from USA 
Nickname: binotcrazy
Birth Date: 1-feb-1967

Hello my name is Annie. 
and my ICQ number is 77252230.
I'm a 38 year old woman from USA 
Nickname: betinna

Hello my name is Sharla.
my ICQ number is 23273753.
I'm a 34 year old woman from Athens, Al., USA and 
Nickname: paddi34

Hello my name is kathryn. 
My ICQ number is 70059156. 
I'm a woman from Chittenango, NY, USA 
I am interested in MUDD BOGGS 99-00 Fabius NY, Rap, Hip-Hop and Outdoor Activities.
Nickname: tazgurl
Birth Date: 16-dec-1964

Hello my name is Nina. 
My ICQ number is 14460392. 
I'm a woman from WA, USA 
my occupation is Art/Entertainment. 
I am interested in Singing, D/s and Tarot Cards.
Nickname: J~nina~C
Birth Date: 29-may-1971

Hello my name is Diane. 
My ICQ number is 73614179. 
I am from Warsaw, oh, USA. 
I'm interested in Walking, rockhounding and Hiking.
Nickname: Di
Birth Date: 24-dec-1965

Hello my name is Heather. 
my ICQ number is 46791845.
I'm a woman from USA
Nickname: Eather
Birth Date: 4-jul-1971

Hello my ICQ number is 37615530. 
I'm a 35 year old woman from Smithers, BC, Canada.

Hello my name is Chelle. 
My ICQ number is 32036879. 
I'm a 37 year old woman from USA 
I work in Computers and I am interested in Poetry.
Nickname: Nimue
Languages: English, Spanish, French

Hello my name is Marian. 
My ICQ number is 50779040. 
I am a woman from Memphis, TN, USA 
I'm interested in Religion, Cycling and Babylon 5. 
I'm a College Student.
Nickname: miraclemarian
Birth Date: 19-apr-1968

Hello my name is R T. 
My ICQ number is 27018751. 
I'm a woman and I am interested in Motorcycles, Adventures and Quests and Car Racing.
Nickname: testonetto_33
Birth Date: 30-mar-1971

Hello my name is Christina. 
My ICQ number is 41370524. 
I'm a woman from USA and I am interested in Painting, Classic and Water Sport.
Nickname: kid@heart
Birth Date: 13-dec-1967

Birth Year (1952-1961)


Hello my name is Michael. 
my ICQ number is 115110295.
I'm a 43 year old man from USA
Nickname: MVH

My icq # is 257108746 
skiing, kayaking, reading, seeing movies, Madison, my cat


Hello my name is sophie. 
my ICQ number is 16868108.
I'm a woman from USA 
Nickname: tophy
Birth Date: 18-nov-1959

Hello my name is Brenda. 
my ICQ number is 99665167.
Nickname: Candlering
Birth Date: 20-dec-1958

Hello my name is retha. 
My ICQ number is 72256365. 
I'm a woman from South Africa
I am interested in Multimedia, Vocalists and Pets/Animals. 
My occupation is Administrative
Nickname: Retha
Birth Date: 17-jul-1959
Languages: English, Afrikaans

Hello my name is Darla. 
my ICQ number is 26797389
I'm a woman from mi 
Birth Date: 22-apr-1959

Hello my name is Debb. 
My ICQ number is 42544395. 
I am a Professional from OH, USA 
I speak English, German and Vietnamese. 
I'm interested in Art, Mystics and Lifestyle.
Nickname: Sandlewood
Birth Date: 26-nov-1954

Hello my name is pamela. 
My ICQ number is 24968358. 
I'm a woman from Fresno, ca, USA 
I am interested in Disabled.
Nickname: jennett59
Birth Date: 24-jan-1959

Hello my name is Nancy. 
my ICQ number is 46589211.
I am a 44 year old Professional 
Nickname: spring58
Birth Date: 11-may-1958

Hello my name is Skye. 
My ICQ number is 61510914. 
I'm a woman from Seattle, WA, USA
I work in Education.
Nickname: Skye
Birth Date: 16-dec-1953

Hello my ICQ number is 42262467. 
I'm a woman from USA 
I am interested in Cyber Chatting, Spirituality and
Birth Date: 16-jul-1958

Hello my name is cb. 
My ICQ number is 53348599. 
I'm a woman from Owensboro, USA 
I am interested in Collections, Outdoors and Pets and Animals.
Birth Date: 18-aug-1955

Hello my name is Mary+. 
My ICQ number is 24695422. 
I'm a woman from New Zealand 
I am interested in Web Design, Weight lifting and Photography. 
Birth Date: 30-dec-1958

Birth Year (1942-1951)


nickname: msiemien


Hello my name is Carol. 
My ICQ number is 72515674. 
I am a woman from Zanesville, OH, USA 
I'm a Retired. 
I'm interested in Desktop, Christian and Dogs.
Nickname: sunshine
Birth Date: 15-dec-1946

Birth Year (<1941)



Ages Not Specified


Hello my name is James. 
My ICQ number is 60882867.
Nickname: BIPOLAR


AOL instant messenger and my screen name is Lovelyleslie1999

My nickname is sweetheart, female, interests are music, bipolar disorder, computers. My icq# 275598942.

Hello my name is Jeri. 
My ICQ number is 53626106
my interests are Country and Siamese
I'm from WV, USA.
Nickname: Hope

Hello my name is Cathy. 
My ICQ number is 25269425. 
I am interested in Lifestyle, Cooking and Chat 
I'm from Thunder Bay, On, Canada.
Nickname: spark
Gender: Female

Hello my name is marybeth. 
My ICQ number is 32353316.
Nickname: mbetal

Hello my name is Shaleen. 
My ICQ number is 68527377.

Gender & Age Not Specified

Hello my name is Tracey. 
My ICQ number is 57826126
I'm from Smithshire, USA.

Hello my name is checker_1. 
My ICQ number is 10864160
my interests are Chat and Camping 
I'm from USA.

Hello my name is little miss chievous. 
My ICQ number is 77518203 
I'm interested in Techno, Philosophy and bipolar disorder.

Hello my name is Chippy THE Squiril. 
My ICQ number is 66628267

Hello my ICQ number is 79364769.

Hello my name is Pauleen & Culmer.
My ICQ number is 103620247
I'm interested in Motoric Development, Stay-at-Home Parents and Symbols.
Nickname: angel52294

Hello my name is Ghislain.. 
My ICQ number is 4839977
Nickname: EQ Halle


Compiled and edited by BrandyCorc 2/3/02
Updated by Patty Pheil M.S.W.  09/26/06

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