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Self-help is useful, but it is not a substitute for professional assistance. Emotional and behavioral problems can be debilitating and dangerous. Please seek professional help: 

if you have thoughts of killing yourself or harming others; if you feel depressed, anxious, guilty or down on yourself frequently; if you are abusing substances; if your performance or interpersonal relationships are impaired.

"Our purpose is to give information.. We can not, and are not, assuming the role of your physician or therapist in any of our replies. 

We also do not know your other medical problems and psychiatric diagnoses, which usually have a dramatic effect on medication (and other treatment) recommendations. You must make a medical and treatment plan with your physician and therapist(s).


Feel free to write any of the volunteers below.

1) My name is Katy and I'm 21 year old Christian living in South Dakota with my husband and two cats Dax and C.J. (They are my children, lol). I am a recovering addict and have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder ,DID, bipolar 2, PTSD due to several types of abuse growing up, anorexia and bulimia, chronic depression, agoraphobia, and panic disorder.

I was abused by family from a very early age until around fourteen. I began self harming to seek attention and to call for help, and was hospitalized numerous times. I felt safe nowhere because no one in my family protected me. By the age of sixteen I was heavy into drugs, become a prostitute, and ran away from home several times only to end up coming back. I soon hated myself, and felt there was no way out. Thankfully I decided to get help. 

I love my family dearly in spite of their many problems, but I had to step away and find my own sanity and sense of safety. I'm active in therapy and a twice a month depression group at my hospital where I often lead/ moderate discussion. I also help run NA, AA, and SA groups in my local town. I've gone through DBT and found it to be quite helpful, as well as other therapy classes (Courage to Heal, etc.). 

Anyone who needs or wants to talk can contact me at 

2) I am 25 years old and have my own small business. Currently, I am working on my second degree degree and am studying social psychology. 

I have OCD and in the past have suffered from depression. It has been several years since my depression was severe. However, I certainly understand what it is like to be depressed and to feel helpless and hopeless. I survived my depression and am doing nearly 100% better today. I wish to reach out to others who are also struggling with
depression and other problems.

3) I used to work for but they shut down. I am 14 a female (of course lol) and am from Tennessee I was diagnosed with depression February 14th 2003 and have had it for all my life but it went undetected. I now try to help people who have problems such as suicidal thoughts and depression cope with their problems because I know exactly what they are going through

I have one brother and I live with both of my parents and 2 handicapped people live with us also I was adopted at birth and do not know my real parents and really don't want to I take care of animals that were abandoned and sometimes find them new home I at the moment have 4 rescued cats 3 rescued guinea pigs and a dog (which I've had since I was 6). 

4) Hi, My name is Terri and i am a 41 year old female who has been through the rampant of the mental health illnesses.  I live in Ohio, and have a house filled with animals, to me they are good therapy, and i also have a very supportive husband.  My illness have consisted of Major Depression, panic disorder, anorexia, OCD, which is under control for about 10 years now, Schizoaffective bipolar and alcoholism.  I was once misdiagnosed as borderline personality disorder, i had a bad experience with that diagnosis, a misinformed doctor.


At this point in my life i battle mainly with the schizoaffective bipolar and also PTSD from childhood abuse, which i forgot to add, sorry.  I have been managing my panic disorder and am not longer practicing any anorexic behavior in 15 years.  One thing i have been doing for a long time is researching all of these mental illnesses and others to find out as much as i can to help myself and keep up on new treatments.  I have spent time in the hospitals, mainly the Veterans Administration hospital, I was in the Air Force for 6 years where I began to drink heavily to cover up the depression and anxiety i was feeling.  I have also been going to college for a long time studying social work and psychology and am at a senior level but the courses don't go towards one degree and i do not have the money to finish.  Someday i know i will.

At one point in time i was a drug/alcohol counselor in the military, if you can believe it and a peer counselor when i got out.  By the way i no longer drink for a number of years.  It was strange, but once i finally got the right treatment i just quit drinking, i never tried to quit, it just happened, and now the smell of it makes me sick.   I am here to answer the questions i can, and if i don't know i will try and find them for you, or if you just want to chat about an mental health issue also.

We all need to become knowledgeable of mental health issues so society will hopefully someday remove the stigma that still exists. With that have a good day.

5) Bernadette Graham

As a former active duty military member and a single mom, I have first hand experience in matters of stress in the day-to-day life of family but also the joys. I've lost close friends and family but in that I've found the appreciation of close relationships. They are powerful. Presently, I am a graduate student in a professional counseling program but honestly like many others, I think I've been counseling all my life. Counselors are people too. We hurt, we suffer, most importantly we feel and we understand. I can offer a great amount of support but only if you reach out, it's actually easier done than said.

Presently, I am a graduate student in a professional counseling program in the Washington dc area. 

6) My name is Thomas, I recently got out of the US Coast Guard do to medical related issues. I was in basic training for 3 months and now I have a lot of options in front of me as far as what I want to do in my life. Right now I am deciding what I really want to do with my life. Before I joined the CG I was helping others online. It was hard for me to leave them all when I went to basic, but if it wasn't for me leaving I wouldn't of known how much I have really helped some of them. Because I have helped so many people online I'm thinking of taking up psychology as a career. I feel that by volunteering I will be able to get a better idea of what it's like to be a psychologist and really see what I am capable of doing.

For my hobbies I enjoy chatting online, programming and repairing computers, and watching anime. I also enjoy learning new things. I guess you can say I'm one of those people who are never happy unless they are doing something to better them selves in some way.

I don't drink and I never smoked before in my life. I have though talked to many people who smoke a lot but I am not as experienced with drinking. I am always willing to take the time to listen to people and I've been told many of times that one thing people always liked about me was that I was always able to find the good in people no matter how bad they may seem. I take pride in my ability to understand someone to the level were I can truly understand there pain and truly help them work it out together. I also still talk to many of the people I have helped online. Most of which are my closest friends and I often come to them at times as well.

So if you feel like emailing me don't hesitate!

7) Though I am only 24 years old, I feel I've had quite a bit of experience in the field of mental illness. Diagnosed with Major Depression and Bipolar II disorder in 1997, I am also in recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (a survivor of both childhood physical and sexual abuse), A.D.D. as well as several compulsive and addictive personality disorders around food, sex and self-injury.

My one suicide attempt occurred while attending one of the most prestigious Universities in the Country -- so I can relate very much to school and work pressure, perfectionism and failure.

Since my diagnosis I have had the opportunity to attend several treatment centers that specialized in addiction, mood disorder and most recently Trauma. It was at these centers that I was able to forgive my family for their part in my distress, learn to accept their love and support, but most importantly, identify myself as something other than the victim I had recklessly become-- a survivor and a space-taking deserving, powerful human being.

Of course I still struggle here and there- I work a very stressful job on the Stock Exchange, live alone in New York City and even find myself having difficulty getting out of bed on rainy days; But every day I learn something more about my true self.. and this keeps me away from falling to the demons behind me.

I hope I can be of some use to your service. I am very open and willing and would feel very grateful to help in any way that I can.

I look forward to hearing from you as well as answering any questions you might have.

8)  Hello, My name is ReaJeania, I am suffering from depression, panic attacks and self harm tendencies. I have been married for 10 years. I have no children. Just my pets. I have been recovering from the depression, panic attacks and self harm now for 1 yr. I feel it would be a honor to be able to help someone else through the road to recovery. Thank you ReaJeania
My email address is 

9)  I am interested in becoming an email volunteer. I am 22 years old, currently living in North Carolina. I have suffered from clinical depression, anxiety disorder with mild OCD and anorexia. Currently I am very stable under treatment and have not had anorexic behavior for 8 years. I would love the chance to help others who may need an empathetic listener who will understand without judgment.

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