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Replies to Family Member Letter about Rages

Mother and Wife of Person with Borderline Personality Disorder

"I just received and read the "family letter" submission. I sure know how she feels, my son, who is 12 now, was diagnosed with BPD (borderline personality disorder) a few years back, and I am sure that my husband is as well. My son is doing so great now, after spending time with a fabulous child psychiatrist who specializes in these matters, and we know how hard it is to find any doctor who truly understands what is going on in a child with BPD.

Unfortunately, my husband is battling his problems alone, with alcohol, and never finding any peace. After extensive research, and speaking to several mental health care professionals, I am certain that my husband is suffering as well, but he refuses to believe it, so help is still a dream for me.

He is no longer abusive, as he finally realized what he was doing to me and the children, but his depression is far greater. I am trying to talk him into seeing a doctor, but at this point, I would literally have to drag him in, and he has me beat in the strength department, to say the least!


I am thankful for your newsletters, they made me feel like I was part of a special family, my son reads them, and he has felt relief when he realized that he wasn't alone. I am so happy that he is doing so much better, of course he takes the meds, as many do, Lithium and Risperdal, they are the only ones that would work for him without causing further swings in his moods, as well as nightmares.

Thanks for everything you do! More people need to become aware of this disorder, so that people will stop treating those with BPD as though there is something weird or so wrong that they are unacceptable. I have had to educate so many teachers and other professionals as to what this is we are all dealing with, on one level or another. If I can ever help with anything, let me know!"

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