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My Experience at Mt. San Rafael

Written by: Kathi Stringer

SRS: September 21, 1988
Written: October 1988


What you are about to read is my personal experience at Mt. San Rafael Hospital. It was written the first and second week after my release from the hospital while the events were still fresh in memory. The intention is to express my thoughts and emotions as they occurred to give insight to such an experience. This could also serve as a general guide of what one would expect should they elect to have this type of surgery. Bear in mind that everyone reacts differently to drugs administered and the situations involved.

About my doctor:


I had the opportunity to talk to several people at the hospital about Dr. Biber. Curious about his background, I learned he was a medic in the Korean War. I imagine the experience he received was invaluable. He wouldn't have time to ask for x-rays or second opinions. Time was of the essence. With so many wounded, he would have to act quickly, saving lives, making decisions and acting on them. Can you even begin to imagine the wealth of knowledge this man has from this experience alone? I could tell by his level of confidence that he had been there and back.

He is also a man of great compassion, helping individuals with a great need in spite of the general opinion which termed the surgery as "unproven or immoral", as quoted by some doctors. I thank God he has the strength of character to follow his own insight to help those of us that cannot help ourselves.

Tuesday: September 20, 1988 (The day before surgery).

When I first walked into the hospital with Gail I had a good feeling. I felt my worry was somewhat over and that they would now take control. It was up to me to just start relaxing. We walked over to administrations and announced my arrival. The process was very short, only a few forms and a financial deposit from me. Just as I finished, a concerned lady appeared and asked,

"Are you Kathi?"




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