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Patty Fleener, M.S.W.; Webowner, President/Founder, Webmaster

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About Patty

As a mental health consumer and a professional, I have a tremendous passion for not only helping others find their way through this madness, but I experience a great deal of empathy as well.

Today I live a very happy, joyful and peaceful life with my husband and two cats after many years of emotional turmoil. It feels great to be in remission.

I wrote a large mental health website beginning in 1996. My ex-partner took my site as his name happened to be on the website and I could not afford an attorney. 


I decided to create another website. Thus, Mental Health Today was born.

The creation of this website is my way of trying to reduce the tremendous amount of suffering people experience in their lives, with the knowledge that much of this suffering can be stopped. Building this website has given meaning to my suffering. I believe that many people are suffering today needlessly because most mental health care providers are mis-educated about many mental health disorders. See Mental Health Today's Mission Statement.

I have a B.A. in philosophy and received my Master's degree in social work in 1986. I have worked as a social worker/counselor for many years and have a great deal of both professional and personal experience with mental health issues.

I am 48 and am a highly spiritual person with God as the highest priority in my life.

I have a beautiful 25 year old daughter who graduated from Marquette University in Criminology whom I am very proud of. 

Welcome! This is a safe place for you. You are NOT alone.

Patty E. Fleener M.S.W.

Updated:  8/05

My last name has changed to Fleener due to my recent marriage.

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