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You must read the RULES below before joining the Chat.

***To assist in helping to find each other, try Sundays - 3:00 PM EST - 4:00 PM EST and Thursdays - 9:00 PM EST - 10:00 EST

Open 7 Days a Week; 24 Hours a Day

Jpilot jIRC applet only support Netscape4.0, IE4.0 or above.
Please grant the permission when the pop up window appears from Netscape and IE.


Just fill in any nickname and click "Connect Now"

unless you want to use mIRC - Server is Starchat - Room is #npdtoday/fam

jIRC Commands

The following commands are supported by jIRC applet. All IRC commands are start with "/".  Some of the commands below are for jIRC applet only, some are common IRC commands that usrs may frequently use.

Command Description
/clear Clear the chat message screen.
/nick 'nick_name' Change your current nick name to a new 'nick_name'
/join '#new_channel_name' Leave your current channel and join a new channel.
Remember to supply "#" at the begining of your channel name.
/quit 'optional good bye message' Leave your current channel and disconnect from IRC network.
/msg 'nick' 'your message' Send a private message to a user with nick name 'nick'
/me Display the message in action format. 
/topic ; /topic '#channel' 'your topic' Display your current channel's topic or set your channel's topic
/ctcp 'nick_name' 'command' CTCP command includes "version", "clientinfo", "time", "echo"
/showurl '' Pop up a new browser window with the given URL content
/s 'sound_file' Play an audio file from the web server. The audio file name is "" in this case and must be located on the same directory of your applet file.
"%C4message %C9,3this is color"
"%BThis is bold, %Rthis is reverse, %Uthis is underline"
This is a special way to create multiple color within single message.
Use the "%C" to indicate a color code ( equevalent to Crl-K in mIRC).

%B equivalent to Bold (Crl-B) in mIRC
%R equivalent to Reverse (Crl-R) in mIRC
%U equivalent to Underline (Crl-U) in mIRC
%O equivalent to Normalized (Crl-O) in mIR

%$N, %$C, %$HN These special variables will be replaced by your current nickname, current channel you are in, and the hightlighted nickname. This can make JavaScript LiveConnect more easily to implement. Notice that there must be white space before and after these variables, otherwise the applet won't recognize them.

This chat room is for RECOVERY purposes. If you're feeling suicidal, the need to self injure, or experiencing extreme crisis, this room is not for you. You need to be on the phone calling 911 or your local suicide or crisis hotline. If you're not comfortable with that than you can use our hotline page for people to talk with. This room is not equipped to handle these crises. Discussing suicide is extremely upsetting to everyone in the room.  

If you come in and discuss these topics in the room or in private, you will be given suicidal resources and be invited back when you are not in crisis. If you come back and continue, you will be kicked and banned.

ATTENTION. NO POPUPS!!  Do to the fact that some of our guests have neurological problems including epilepsy, we have to ban popups. They have caused seizures and other problems for these guests. If you don't know what a popup is then you are not using them.

Adults Only

*This chat room engages in mature discussions which may not always be suitable for minors. (People under the age of 18).  Borderline Personality Disorder involves many aspects of our lives which are all discussed in this chat room.  We make no exception for this.


1. No swear words allowed in the chatroom. The only swear words you can say in this room are Hell, Damn, Ass, Crap, Sucks, and Pissed. Other than these words, no other swear words are allowed. Many people are offended by the use of swear words. Under the right environment curse words can be therapeutic, however therapy does not take place in this chat room which brings us to #2.

2. No therapy is allowed in the room. Even if you come in as a trained professional, we do not allow therapy in this chatroom. It is however appropriate to offer one another emotional support, a listening ear, a good sense of humor and though no one is allowed to offer advice, is good to share experiences.

3. No medical advice is allowed either in this room. You can, as I mentioned share your own experiences AND it is perfectly alright and very helpful to quote the research on a particular subject ONLY if you are sure of your knowledge of this research. Of course it would be extremely helpful to let them room know where they can find this information. We can quote articles, something we read on the Internet, etc., as long as we can say where we got this information. This avoids rumors spreading and untruths being believed. 

I encourage everyone to educate one another. Just know your source. You cannot just say "I heard…" 

4. Keep your same nickname. Changing is rude and confusing for everyone.

5. No arguing or flaming with other chat members or ops whatsoever. Everyone must be treated with the utmost respect. Ops are to treat you the same way. No one is exempt. This is a good place to practice these skills. 

6. Many times you will be warned that you could be kicked or banned. However this is not always the case. There are times where people will receive absolutely no warning. What determines the difference is the type of behavior involved and the call of that particular op or ops. 

7. Here at NPD Today, we do not become involved with power plays. Our ops do not play those games. If you are coming in the room to just look for trouble chances are you will quickly be kicked without emotion on the ops part.

8. Ops here have received special training on active listening skills, helping you find your own power instead of being codependent, will assist you in finding options with you but we do not solve your problems and we are not necessarily here to make you feel better.

Recovery hurts during many stages.

9. Sexual discussions and innuendos I believe take place in most any chat room. As long as this is very very mild, it can be tolerated not to offend even one person.

However open flirtation in the main room is not tolerated. This is not a single's club.

About nicknames and how to register them

To register your nickname type /msg Nickserv (your email address) ( make up a password, at least 6 characters). You will then receive an email response. Once received, copy and paste that response back onto the starchat status screen and hit enter. If this is done successfully then you will receive a notice saying your nick is registered. If not type /msg nickserv help register.


Anyone who is at risk for suicide should call 911 or their local crisis intervention group. This is not the group for them as the person needs a trained specialist.  The ops in the chat room have been flooded with suicidal people coming in. They are NOT trained to deal with this. When this happens, no time can be spent with others in the chat room and this discussion is upsetting for everyone. People who are feeling suicidal will be referred to these resources, where they can receive the proper guidance and assistance. They do not belong in the chat room as it is not a safe place for suicidal people and again ops are not trained for that.

Mental Health Today provides a list of volunteers who will accept telephone calls from people who are feeling suicidal ideation and/or are in crisis. 

The NPD Today Family Chatroom is designed to assist family members or loved ones of those with narcissistic personality disorder or those with traits in understanding that they are not alone and to provide them a place where they can discuss their disorder and their lives without judgment.

This is a supportive environment where chat members will receive emotional support, a listening ear, resources as needed, and the opportunity to talk with others with the same disorder.

Here at NPD Today, chat members are not given advice other than general advice advising them to seek help with a Dr. and/or a therapist. Also no therapy takes place in this chatroom.

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