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Posttraumatic Stress Disorder : Acute and Long-Term Responses to Trauma and Disaster (Progress in Psychiatry, No 51),Carol S. Fullerton (Editor), Robert J. UrsanoPosttraumatic Stress Disorder : Acute and Long-Term Responses to Trauma and Disaster (Progress in Psychiatry, No 51) by Carol S. Fullerton (Editor), Robert J. Ursano (Editor) "Excellent--good authors, "Very well done group of authors -- particularly interesting chapters on neurobiology and the stress on families of disaster workers. Good summary chapter at the end."


The Primal Wound : A Transpersonal View of Trauma, Addiction, and Growth (Suny Series in the Philosophy of Psychology),John Firman, Ann GilaThe Primal Wound : A Transpersonal View of Trauma, Addiction, and Growth (Suny Series in the Philosophy of Psychology) by John Firman, Ann Gila "The most lucid book on the basic problem of being human, is definitely not just another self-help book. It is the book to read if you want to understand the deep dynamics of growing up and the wounds or the primal wound that you carry.Using the wonderfully post-Jungian model of Psychosynthesis, Firman details in clear and simple language the development of wounds and how they create a survival personality that is different from one's authentic personality. The book is a gem, full of ideas from amny sources. The integration of them will cause transpersonal theorists to take a closer look at what psychosythesis theory has to offer.This book shows that it has a lot to offer because it is integrative and synthesizing in nature. This dynamic is part of the structure of Psychosynthesis and Firman's book proves that we haven't heard the last of him. There is a wealth of material here and wisdom as powerful as it gets.

Recovered Memories of Trauma: Transferring the Present to the Past,C. Brooks BrenneisRecovered Memories of Trauma : Transferring the Present to the Past by C. Brooks Brenneis "Brenneis (psychiatry, U. of Wisconsin-Madison) focuses on memory for abuse and trauma that is identified by certain indirect clinical signs and recovered from totally conscious, volitional inaccessibility by adults in psychotherapy. Among his goals is to demonstrate that such memories are used by careful and critical therapists, not just the unscrupulous ones who are sensationalized in the media."


Sibling Abuse Trauma : Assessment and Intervention Strategies for Children, Families, and Adults by John V. Caffaro, Allison Conn-Caffaro "Enhances practitioner's knowledge of sibling abuse dynamics. This book affords significant attention to the trauma of sibling abuse. Until this impressive work by Caffaro and Conn-Caffaro, we have not paid enough attention to sibling relationships in our research and practice on family violence and child abuse and neglect. The authors bring considerable insight and clinical experience to the issue of sibling abuse. This book will enhance practitioner's knowledge of sibling abuse dynamics and treatment strategies and makes a contribution to the entire field by encouraging a broader discussion of the life-span developmental impact of sibling abuse."

Trauma and Juvenile Delinquency: Theory, Research, and Interventions
by Ricky Greenwald PsyD (Editor)  Excellent book ties trauma with conduct disorder/juvenile delinquency together. Research, assessment tools and intervention discussed. I highly recommend this book for anyone working with adolescents with conduct disorder or showing any delinquent behavior. P. Pheil M.S.W.


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