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Trauma and Addiction : Ending the Cycyle of Pain Through Emotional Literacy,Tian, Ph.D. Dayton Trauma and Addiction : Ending the Cycle of Pain Through Emotional Literacy by Tian, Ph.D. Dayton "This book identifies the interconnection of trauma and addictive behavior, and shows why they can become an unending cycle. Emotional and psychological pain so often lead to self-medicating, which leads to more pain, and inevitably more self-medicating, and so on--ad infinitum. This groundbreaking book offers readers effective ways to work through their traumas in order to heal their addictions and their predilection toward what clinicians call self-medicating (the abuse of substances [alcohol, drugs, food], activities [work, sex, gambling, etc.] and/or possessions [money, material things].) Readers caught up in the endless cycle of trauma and addiction will permanently transform their lives by reading this book.

Children of Trauma : Rediscovering Your Discarded Self,Jane Middleton-MozChildren of Trauma : Rediscovering Your Discarded Self by Jane Middleton-Moz "Imagine what it would be like to become the healthiest person you could be... This is the inherent right of each individual but when lingering emotional trauma from our childhood blocks the normal developmental process, we get stuck. As each of us strives to become the healthiest person we possibly can, we will have to come face-to-face with emotional fears that may be the result of traumatic childhoods. Although that journey may be paved with the pain of unresolved grief and unrecognized loss, this book will serve as the map to guide you and help you rediscover your discarded self... the best self you were always meant to be."

Emotional Healing With Homeopathy : A Self-Help Manual,Peter ChappellEmotional Healing With Homeopathy : A Self-Help Manual by Peter Chappell "At the time I read this book, I had been studying homeopathy for perhaps a year. This book was one of the first things that opened my eyes to the power of Homeopathy to treat emotional, spiritual, and mental disturbances, which may be rooted in various trauma, in addition to it's well known healing properties as a vibrational energetic medicinal system which far transcends western medicine. This book is suitable for an intelligent introduction to Homeopathy, but is also valuable to a practitioner.

The Forgiving Place : Choosing Peace After Violent Trauma by Richard R. Gayton "Those who have had a loved one harmed in a violent act face a very different grieving process, according to psychologist Gayton, whose wife was murdered during a robbery at their home. As the author details his reactions to this horrific event, the reader is given an intimate look at his transition from shock and outrage to resolution-a journey that took him five years to complete. Interwoven is Gayton's advice on how readers can work through their own experiences. This work is unique in that it concentrates on handling the emotional legacy of intentional and senseless brutality. Given our society's increasing violence, this work will surely find an expanding audience.

Healing the Trauma of Abuse : A Woman's Workbook,Mary Ellen Copeland, Maxine HarrisHealing the Trauma of Abuse : A Woman's Workbook by Mary Ellen Copeland, Maxine Harris "This workbook offers women who have suffered sexual, physical, or emotional abuse crucial skills for coping, self-understanding, and self-care. The book is designed to be worked through from beginning to end, with self-evaluation questionnaires, writing exercises, and a variety of activities and relaxation techniques throughout. Also included are questions to ask a doctor, a personal crisis plan, and a comprehensive list of resources." "This book has great exercises and helps comes to terms with sexual abuse in a gentle way. I really found it helpful in my recovery."



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