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Bipolar Disorder
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Bipolar Disorder

(Paul J. Markovitz M.D., Ph.D. Archives)


Paul J. Markovitz M.D., Ph.D. has retired from the Ask the Dr. section. Dr. Markovitz has a remarkable C.V. which can be viewed here. He has written articles for medical journals, and has conducted a great deal of research regarding the bipolar disorder as well as other disorders. 

He has left us a gold mine of questions and answers of two and a half years on just about every subject imaginable. Feel free to examine the archives as I feel confident that you will find answers to many of your questions here.


  Bipolar Disorder and Genetics

  Can Trauma "Bring Out" Bipolar Symptoms?

  Clozaril, Weight Gain and Cessation of Menstrual Cycle

  Bipolar Disorder and Blood Pressure Medications

  Bipolar Disorder, Marriage and Children

  Lithium and Side Effects

  Bipolar Disorder and Acting Out Sexually

  Medication and Pregnancy

  Depression and Accutane

  Bipolar Disorder Medications and Side Effects

  Bipolar Disorder Medications

  Topamax as Singular Treatment

  Proper Diagnosis and Medications

  Hypomania versus Hyperthyroid

  Bipolar Disorder Medications, Pregnancy and Genetics

  Bipolar Disorder Medications and Weight Gain

  Bipolar Disorder, Menopause and Severe Rages

  Bipolar Disorder and Acting Out Sexually

  Bipolar Disorder and Rapid Cycling Child

  Bipolar Disorder Medications and Pregnancy

  Accutane and Suicide

  Bipolar Disorder and Fugue State

  Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety and Sleep

  Bipolar Disorder Medication Topamax

  Bipolar Disorder Medications and Hepatitis B

  Hypomania Versus Hyperthyroid

  Bipolar Disorder Medication and Pregnancy

  Bipolar Disorder Medication and Weight Gain

  Bipolar Disorder and Menopause

  Medication for Anxiety

  Effects on Fetus if Father is Bipolar Medications

  Can Somebody be Bipolar Even Though a Manic Episode has Never Occurred Except While on an Antidepressant?

  Bipolar Disorder and Difficulty with Lithium

  Bipolar Disorder Medication and Pregnancy

  Tourette Syndrome Medication

  Bipolar Disorder Medication (Zyprexa) and Food Interactions

  Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety

  Bipolar Disorder Medication and Libido

  Bipolar Disorder Medication and Shaking


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