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Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder (BP), also known as manic depressive illness is said to affect approximately 1-3% of the population. Males as well as females seem to be equally affected.

It is not known specifically what causes the BP, however biological, genetic and environmental factors appear to have an influence on this disorder that is not curable at this time. However it can be treatable primarily by medications, therapy, electro convulsive therapy, exercise, staying with a routine and avoiding stress as well as other factors.

If untreated, the suicide rate is high at 20%.

"The particular combinations and severity of symptoms vary among people with bipolar disorder. Some people experience very severe manic episodes, during which they may feel "out of control," have major impairment in functioning, and suffer psychotic symptoms. Other people have milder hypomanic episodes, characterized by low-level, non-psychotic symptoms of mania such as increased energy, euphoria, irritability, and intrusiveness, that may cause little impairment in functioning but are noticeable to others. Some people suffer severe, incapacitating depressions, with or without psychosis, that prevent them from working, going to school, or interacting with family or friends. Others experience more moderate depressive episodes, which may feel just as painful but impair functioning to a lesser degree. Inpatient hospitalization is often necessary to treat severe episodes of mania and depression."

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