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Gender Identity Disorder and Psychosexual Problems in Children and Adolescents by Kenneth J. Zucker, Susan J. Bradley "Sensitive and intelligent work that shouldn't be ignored. It is a blessing that we live in an age where the subject of gender identity disorder can be discussed in such an intelligent and scholarly manner. It is a blessing because there are many individuals who suffer from said disorder and often go untreated. Those who are unhappy and seeking enlightenment on the topic of gender identity would benefit tremendously from this work, which offers a glimpse of hope in the form of the unbiased compassion of authors Zucker and Bradley. This is not, I repeat not a work to be feared and distrusted. It is a book of hope for many. "Extremely thorough and competent. Even four years after publication this text is a very fine achievement. Very thorough, extremely well referenced, and not extremist in the midst of the various scholarly debates which exist. There do not seem to be major papers since which greatly alter the conclusions."

Feminizing Hormonal Therapy For The Transgendered by Dr. Sheila Kirk "Feminizing Hormonal Therapy For The Transgendered, the most highly-read and recommended book on the feminization of the transgendered, has been expanded and updated to include the most effective feminizing hormonal regimens and recent research findings. Vital, accurate and insightful information on safe and effective hormonal regimens, realistic expectations and possible complications are candidly addressed by gynecologic surgeon, Sheila Kirk, MD. Natural hormones, measurement and self-exam guidelines and answers to the most commonly asked questions are also featured."

Who's That Girl? Who's That Boy? : Clinical Practice Meets Postmodern Gender Theory by Lynne Layton "Challenging, didactic, never pedantic, An enjoyable set of reversible one way mirrors where approachable and popular icons and genres are exhibits used to explain and to critique implications of cultural and psychoanalytic theories which themselves are employed by the author to understand the dominance of specific icons and the particular content of several cultural forms. On a practical level, the work is an effective counterpoint to the neo-scary pigeonholing of persons and, more specifically, psychotherapy patients, in biological categories which the author demonstrates succesfully are not biological at all."