Gender Identity Disorder Today


 Gender Reassignment Centers

Anne Lawrence, M.D. -- Clinical Sexology counseling about sexuality and gender identity concerns, pharmacologic and behavioral therapy to improve sexual satisfaction and function, transgender medical care, including hormone therapy, pharmacologic and behavioral treatment of sexual problems, local anesthesia and other pain control techniques for electrolysis.

Transgender Support Groups

Gender Education and Advocacy: a transgender organization dedicated to both education and advocacy, which includes AEGIS.

Gender Pac: The Gender Public Advocacy Coalition, or GenderPAC, is a not-for-profit organization, composed of individuals and groups, dedicated to a broad-based, inclusive national movement for "gender, affectional, and racial equality."


IFGE: The International Foundation for Gender Education.

Southern Comfort: An excellent annual transgender conference.

For Youth


FTM International: Possibly the most comprehensive site for FTMs out there.

TransBoy Resource Network: a great resource site designed by a college student.

East Coast FTMs: A club for east coast FTMs hosted by yr trans guy Alec.


Transgender Support Site (Huge, many resources. Including voice lessons)

Transsexual Women's Resources: this is an amazing site for transsexual women which includes a lot of youth-specific info.

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