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Mental Health Today Recommended Links

Although Mental Health Today provides links to other sites, we do not take any responsibility for their content, claims, or representations.

Mental Health

NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health)

NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally Ill)

Mental Health Net (guide to mental health, psychology, and psychiatry resources online).

Mental Health Matters "(Because Mental Health Matters! Research, self-help, online support, listing of chat lines/message boards by mental health subject, alternative treatments, mental health law, psychology articles, patients' rights, find a therapist/doctor/support group, statistics, mental health financial assistance, support for all psychiatric disorders and psychological illness. Monthly free newsletter, MHMnews)."

Psychcentral (" index for psychology, support, and mental health issues, resources, and people on the Internet, since 1992)."

MedExplorer (Links, drug database, drug dictionary, employment center for health care professionals, newsgroups, chat and more).

AMA Dr. Finder 

Mental Health Infosource (Wonderful site for both clinicians and non-clinicians. Discussion of various mental health disorders, conferences, resources, continuing education, and mental health professional directory).

Internet Mental Health Medications (a great place to look up information about any medication you may be taking).

Healing (a good resource regarding a variety of disorders that include links, articles and information).

Social Psychology Network "(...the largest social psychology database on the Internet. In these pages, you'll find more than 4,000 links to psychology-related resources)."

Patient Advocacy Phone Numbers

Social Security Online (discusses social security disability).

The Invisible Disabilities Page (for those of us with disabilities that are not visible to others).

Mental Health Foundation "(The Mental Health Foundation is the UK charity improving the lives of everyone with mental health problems or learning disabilities. We use our research, service development and information to increase understanding and meet people's needs)."

Treatment Advocacy Center "(The Treatment Advocacy Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to eliminating legal and clinical barriers to timely and humane treatment for Americans with severe brain disorders who are not receiving appropriate medical care.  Focusing on schizophrenia and manic-depressive illness (bipolar disorder), TAC works to prevent the devastating consequences of non-treatment: homelessness, suicide, victimization, worsening of symptoms, violence, and incarceration." Free Bi-monthly newsletter).

Self Help Magazine "(...educational publication written by mental health professionals for the discussion of general psychology as applied to our everyday lives)."

NAMI SCC "(NAMI-SCC is the Santa Cruz, Ca., affiliate of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.  We are a movement of families, friends and individuals dedicated to improving the quality of life of people affected by serious mental illness and the ultimate eradication of these diseases)."

The Bright Side (Whether dealing with a crisis, coping with a mental disorder, or just feeling overwhelmed with life, we all go through difficult periods in our life. When life feels like it's too much of a strain, a little bit of support can go a long way towards helping us cope - that is what The Bright Side is all about).

PsyPlexus (A portal for mental health professionals).

HAMR (Hand Actuated Mental Reconditioning: HAMR - A new self help system that uses the wiring of the brain to accomplish its ends).

How to Get Free Medication for Low Income People

David Willshire's Forensic Psychology & Psychiatry Links (An excellent source of links of the internet).,Inc.(Complete Medical guides on many illnesses).


Anxiety Treatment Australia ("...provides information about anxiety disorders, the treatment options, psychologists around Australia who treat anxiety disorders, group therapy & workshops, support groups, articles, resources and links to other sites)."

Attention Deficit Disorder

AD(H)D Today (Articles, resources, communities, books and more).


Autism Forum (Definition, forum and chat).

Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder Today (Ask the Dr. Archive, newsletter, articles, communities, research, resources, family section, clinical section, books, and more).

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance " (To improve the lives of those living with Bipolar Disorder)."

Pendulum Resources " (Your gateway to affective disorders on the web)."

Depression and Affective Disorders Today (Articles, resources, communities, books and more).

Remedyfind (an unbiased, international site that allows individuals and healthcare professionals to rate the effectiveness of the different treatments they have used for specific health conditions - including Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder and Depression).

Instead Laugh (There are excellent articles written to assist you with depression, suicide, etc.). 


The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (Your Employment Rights as an Individual with a Disability). "(...comprehensive Federal website of disability-related government resources)."

Employer Assistance Referral Network "(...electronic and toll-free service designed to assist employers in locating qualified workers with disabilities)."

U.S. Dept. of Labor; Office of Disability Employment Policy "(Job Links, a nationwide listing of links to job openings at companies and organizations interested in recruiting and hiring people with disabilities)."

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center "(...dedicated to the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. We provide information and treatment resources for all forms of eating disorders. We hope to promote social attitudes that enhance a healthy body image and self-esteem. We provide referrals to eating disorder professionals, treatment facilities and support groups, etc. In addition, we offer general information to inform the public about the treatment and prevention of eating disorders)."


Lightspam StudyWEb (Educational link database and  resources for K8 classrooms).

Gender Issues

Gender Identity Disorder Today (Articles, resources, books and communities).


Zyprexa Side Effects (Informative site discussing side effects and issues surrounding the antipsychotic, zyprexa).

Oppositional Defiant Disorder

Oppositional Defiant Support Group for Parents  

Personality Disorders

Personality Disorders Foundation 

Borderline Personality Disorder Today (New BPD Today Chatroom, Advocacy Program, Ask the Dr. & Therapist Archives, newsletter, author interviews, articles, communities, research, resources, family section, clinical section, books, and more).

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Today (Articles, resources, books and communities).

BPD World (supporting those with ill mental health).

RemedyFind (They have a brand new section on BPD. Rate what has helped you and read what has helped others).

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Today (Ask the Therapist archive, newsletter, articles, resources, books, domestic violence, self defense section, communities, personal stories and more).

Remedyfind (an unbiased, international site that allows individuals and healthcare professionals to rate the effectiveness of the different treatments they have used for specific health conditions - including PTSD).


Remedy Find (Schizophrenia) - Information on what helps.

Suicide/Crisis Intervention

About Suicide (Crisis intervention for suicidal person; hotline; how to help a suicidal person, resources for the survivor; how to volunteer for the hotline). 

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Visit Mental Health Matters for information and articles. Get help to find a therapist or list your practice; and Psych Forums for message boards on a variety of MH topics.


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