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Divorce and Break-Up Bulletin Board

This bulletin board is to be used exclusively by people who are divorcing or in the midst of a break-up. This is a safe place where your can say what they feel and not be criticized. This is a place to be accepted for who we are, right where we are, wherever we are in our recovery. Welcome!

You do NOT have to register to use this board. This is an important thing to know if you are in hiding.

  • Suicidal ideation and discussions of suicide are permitted as long as you are not at immediate risk. Thoughts of suicide are normal for may of us as we suffer depression, etc. We need to discuss these things openly. 
  • However, anyone who is actively suicidal (i.e. at risk) is not permitted into the room as they are encouraged to call 911 immediately. I have written a  suicide crisis intervention page for you including many resources here
  • You are welcome back into the bulletin board after you have taken the steps necessary to save your life.
  • Discussion of self-mutilation or self-harm can be discussed, again as long as you mention it in your subject. Discussion of these topics can be a trigger for some people so we need to protect everyone on this board. If you feel you may be triggered in anyway by the subject matter, wait until you are able to handle that subject.
  • Self-destructive behavior (speeding, shop-lifting, criminal behavior, etc.) again are permitted with the subject put in the subject line.
  • No arguments are permitted on this bulletin board. It is fine to say you disagree with someone and why, but it is not appropriate to rage. This is not the place to rage. This is the place to discuss your rages.









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