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Feel free to contact anyone on this list. This list is only for people who are friends and families of those who have the post traumatic stress disorder or have ptsd traits. 

For instructions on how to download and use ICQ, you can go to this site or do a search for "ICQ."

Ages 14-20 (1982-1988)


Ages 21-30 (1972-1981)


Ages 31-40 (1962-1971)


Ages 41-50 (1952-1961)


Ages 51-60 (1942-1951)

Ages 61 and up (1941->)

Gender and Age Not Specified

Hello my name is Fran Bonney. 
My ICQ number is 48226352 
I'm from Carthage, USA. 
Nickname: FranAB43


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